Chloride Core


This project is dead.

A Simple Presentation CGI Program

Chloride Core is a presentation CGI program written in pure ANSI standard C.

No tricky editing tools needed!

While a PHP based management system is planned, the content files are  human readable and can be edited with the text editor of your choice.  The design of your website is stored in a template HTML file. Just  create the raw HTML or use a WYSIWYG editor, then add the required tags  to tell Chloride were things go.

Small executable size.

The Chloride Core executable is less than 15kb currently, and is  heavily optimized to run quickly in high load applications. Perfect for  load balancing and cloud use.

Unfortunately No Documentation

This code ran my home page for a long time so I know it is somewhat stable. But I never quite got around to writing documentation for it. Therefore, you’ll have to dig around the code a bit to understand how it works. So I can be a little helpful to you, here is some notes:

The page layout is stored in template.html.There are special tags inserted into the template file so that when the code is called with the specific .page file (more on that in a few), chloride knows where each element of the .page file is supposed to go. Those tags are:

  • <!–T–> – Page Title referenced in TITLE part of .page header.
  • <!–D–> – Date referenced in DATE part of .page header.
  • <!–B–> – Body of document. Everything below the headers in the .page file.
  • <!–Y–> – Doctype (internally set via headers/variables.h)
  • <!–E–> – Encoding (internally set via headers/variables.h)
  • <!–G–> Graphic referenced in IMG part of .page header.
  • <!–S–> File Size
  • <!–M–> File Date

The .page file is laid out like this.

# TITLE {title}
# DATE {stylized date}
# AUTHOR {author name}
# IMG {image file with relative or absolute path}

Here is where the body of the document goes.

GNU Public License

If you want to add a feature to Chloride, you are free to do so.


You can download all the files here: [60kb]

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