Nov 232014

The following detection script accomplishes the following.

  • Determines if virtual memory is automatically managed. The desired configuration according to the script is that the pagefile should be managed manually (true can be changed to false if you want to go the automagic route).
  • If the pagefile is not automatically managed, the script determines if the size of the page file is at least double the amount of visible physical memory.

I’m working on a remediation script, but for now I figure’d I would share the love.

# This script simply checks to see if Windows is handling the page file
# automagically. Then if no, it verifies to make sure that the swap file
# is set at or over twice the available memory. 

$system = get-wmiobject -Class win32_ComputerSystem

if ($system.AutomaticManagedPagefile -eq $true) {
    write-host FALSE
    } else {  

    $mem = get-wmiobject -Class win32_OperatingSystem | select-object TotalVisibleMemorySize,TotalVirtualMemorySize

    [int64]$vismem = $mem.TotalVisibleMemorySize
    [int64]$vrtmem = $mem.TotalVirtualMemorySize

    if ($vrtmem -ge ($vismem * 2)) {
        write-host TRUE
        } else {
        write-host FALSE


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